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Master Scorpio :Portrait Of Power


                       Chapter One  -  A New Life                        

I  listened carefully to the financial analyst's report at first,but my good intentions barely lasted beyond the first sentence.Those opening words had told me all that I needed to know about the wisdom of selling my high flying business.In effect what they had said was that it really only had one direction in which to go.The market was at the top now and deferring the sale was only likely to see the price ease back,losing me possibly tens of thousands of pounds.My mind made up I merely said "Sell".

  Nevertheless,when some six weeks later I walked away from the solicitor's office with the buff envelope tucked safely inside my jacket pocket the thought that I had made a mistake flickered briefly through my mind.It didn't seem very much for fifteen years hard work,just a single piece of paper.But of course the significance of it was the numbers printed on the cheque inside.I took it out of the envelope as I relaxed over a coffee in the cafe just off the high street and looked at it.Six hundred and eighty thousand pounds.

Well perhaps it was only a small fraction of the sums we saw regularly paraded in front of us by a succession of ever bigger lottery winners but it was quite sufficient for me to know,that at the relatively young age of forty eight that the rest of my life was effectively my own to do with as I chose.The business had occupied every minute of my waking life for those fifteen years and I could now look forward to a future that would be very different from my high pressure past.

  The cashier as he looked at it had briefly raised his eyebrows in surprise."Have you planned what you are going to do with this money sir?" Oh yes.I've thought about it long and hard but don't ask me to tell you about it."Yes" I said simply.My reception at the bank had been very different from the ones I had received when my business was struggling in the earlier years and my visits had been seeking overdraft facilities to keep going.I thought about the saying that a bank would lend you an umbrella when the sun was shining.It was definitely shining for me today.

   The idea that I had for the time ahead was one that I had been fomenting in my mind for a number of years and,within the confines of my own head I had planned it down to the finest detail.Now I had the time and the money to make it real only time would tell whether fantasy matched reality.The next morning I awoke quite early.It wasn't even light yet. On these dismal mid january days,if the sun did make it into the sky at all,it was not until well past eight and as I turned the key in the ignition the eastern horizon was just tinged with the first hint of watery light.Two hours later I stepped from the train at Liverpool Street station and hailed a cab to the address that I had written down from the internet site of DreamLeathers Ltd.

  Situated in a recently renovated and very trendy part of Whitechapel it turned out to be a rather chic first floor office in a converted former factory building with a small workshop beneath.Gavin Thomas was quite clearly gay,and not a little camp.He spoke with expressive flourishes of the hands as he enthused about my figure."It's so wonderful to have quality materials to work with" He made it quite clear that he was referring to my body.I had always been very careful to keep myself trim with daily swimming and running sessions and my six foot two frame at fourteen stone was a testament to the routine,long legged and finely muscled but without any surplus fat.

  He showed me the various designs of fetish clothing that Dream Leathers produced,some were quite dramatic,others remarkably everyday looking.The one that really caught my eye though was on display on a mannekin standing in the corner of the office "Oh,I see you like Matteus' breeches" Gavin cooed.He went on to explain that they were made for a professional Berlin Master and that they were so proud of their creation that they had decided to put them on display prior to despatch.

I walked across and admired the elegant and sensuous cut.I ran my fingers over the silky smooth black leather,feeling the coolness of the wonderful fabric.Being new they wafted the heady aroma of recently tanned leather,a smell so erotic that I casually wondered if it was available in an aerosol as an aphrodisiac.The breeches had a wide waistband with loops to take account of the extremely broad belt made of heavy saddle leather  and secured by three brass buckles.Instead of  being fitted with a zip the fly consisted of a panel of reinforced leather at the crotch that tied with a criss cross leather lace.The overall effect was erotic in the extreme ."Don't you think that they simply ooze dominance?"I agreed with Gavin that indeed they did exactly that."Look,I wouldn't normally do this but I know Matteus extremely well and you both have quite similar physiques,if you want to slip them on I am sure he wouldn't mind".I wasn't at all certain as to whether Gavin's motivation was generosity to me,desire to sell another pair,or personal desire to view me in them,but in any case it was an offer that I wasn't going to pass up.

  Gavin called his assistant,a pale young man with spiky black hair and asked him to undress the mannekin before handing me the breeches with the belt attached.I slipped out of my jeans and pulled them on.His eye was right of course and they fitted almost perfectly.I laced the crotch which now carried rather more of a bulge than  the lifeless mannekin as I tucked in my nascent erection and buckled up the belt,tightening each buckle in turn until I felt that I could not pull it in another notch.

Gavin put his hands together in front of him in a display of uber camp and, with a look of ecstasy on his face said "Simply perfect".My guess was that the addition of a riding crop would have completed his perfection but I had no desire to go there,camp effeminency was definitely not my thing."Yes they are superb" I said,turning sideways,partly to tease the little tart with my prominent leather bulge "How much are we talking?" "Seven hundred and eighty" he said with a hint of apology.It was actually less than I had expected "But that includes the belt"I didn't hesitate and said "That's ok you can make me a pair,what would you suggest to wear with them?"

   We returned to the folder of photographs of DreamLeathers products"Do you know,I think that on a body like yours a simple leather vest or even a plain white shirt and a black tie to give a uniformed look might be best,of course you will need gloves,have you got boots by the way?" I told Gavin that my next port of call was a bootmaker as it was my intention to make the boots the central part of my identity as a Dom.

  He leant forward conspiritorially."You must pop round and see Marcus,he's only round the corner" He took a card from the drawer of the desk and passed it to me."Don't take any notice of the stilettos,he trained as a riding boot maker".The expensive looking black and silver card showed the outline of a boot with a heel so high that the wearer stood almost on tiptoe."Thank you Gavin" I said "What sort of timescale are we talking about for the breeches?"He consulted his workbook."You can collect them three weeks today,thursday the fifth".I passed him my bank card but he waved it away "Oh pay when you collect" I thanked him and left.The address on the card was only three streets away so I did not bother with a cab.

Penumbra Footwear was situated in a rather elegant Georgian terrace.I rang the bell and a tall distinguished grey haired man answered and introduced himself as Marcus Burns.He was not at all how I expected and had somewhat of a military bearing about him.I was  unsure whether he was gay.He shook my hand."Gavin called and said you were coming,do come in,would you like a coffee? His sophisticated voice and manners matched his well groomed appearance.

The workshop was situated in the large basement and boots at various stages of manufacture and offcuts of leather were scattered about.The aroma of the leather was wonderful and almost overwhelming in it's strength and pungency."You require something to convey a dominant bearing?" He asked.  "Yes,I think so"  I must have replied rather hesiitantly. He smiled as he handed me the cup."Oh please relax,I've seen it all,many of my best customers have..what should we say? unusual private lives,have you any ideas as to the style you require? "Something high onto the knee and laced perhaps?"Marcus opened a folder and showed me some photographs of a pair of high gloss black leather boots with four pairs of lace holes in the  instep and fourteen parellel pairs of steel hooks running up to the knee around which the long laces were wrapped,tied with bows at the top.I exhaled audibly."You like those I see".Surprised that my fascination was so obvious I replied "I don't think that I have ever seen such a fantastic pair of boots in my life".My imagination now briefly took flight.I pictured myself laced into them and wearing the leather breeches with the triple buckle belt as my footsteps echoed on some cold stone floor of a subterranean dungeon,a singletailed leather whip held in my gloved hands.I came out of my daydream and back to reality.Cost wasn't a primary consideration but I asked the question anyway."These come out at seven hundred and ninety five pounds" said Marcus.I asked about delivery time and he said that he could match that of the breeches.So I placed my order there and then .Marcus got to work at once taking measurements with a tape measure and jotting them down in his notebook.I paid upfront with my card and went home very happy albeit nearly sixteen hundred pounds lighter.

                                 Chapter Two - Dallingford House 
   The circumstances of my very first visit to  Dallingford House should have been inauspicious enough to have driven the idea of buying the big,rambling and dilapidated nineteenth century monstrosity far from my mind,or indeed from the mind of any prospective purchaser,but therein turned out to be the seeds of a bargain.

   Entering Dallingford Wood at this time of year was like plunging into a dark,silent and deeply frozen tunnel.Suddenly the meagre watery  february sunlight disappeared,replaced by the intense silence of this desolate place.This silence was punctuated only by the occasional eerie calls of one of the birds that wintered here a few miles in from the Norfolk coast.Patches of chill mist swirled amongst the now dormant oaks and beeches.At this time of year their stark branches were stripped bare of the last vestiges of  foliage and this served only to add to the spookiness of the atmosphere.The grass,even as midday approached was still dappled  in shaded  places with clumps of white  frost.At the frozen heart of  what was actually a small forest in this remote part of Norfolk  was Dallingford House      
         I had,despite it's forlorn and neglected appearance been strangely attracted to the place as soon as I had seen it advertised on the estate agent's website.It was true that the state of it's dereliction was quite advanced,although the agent claimed in their sales details to have taken account of this in the asking price.What really drew me to it however was it's complete isolation.To achieve what I had in mind this was an absolute essential. My guess was that being situated at the end of a half mile drive along unmade farm tracks combined with the run down condition would serve to deter interest from those who had in mind a more social sort of lifestyle.

     Alan Lansdale,despite his heavy winter overcoat shivered as he stepped from his warm BMW with the bunch of rusty keys in his hand.He proceeded to unwrap the chain and unlock the big,rusty metal gates.They only opened reluctantly with an audible metallic groan of protest,their ancient hinges partially seized by several years of inactivity.The house had been built in the last decade of the nineteenth century by a timber merchant who owned all the surrounding woods,it was now being sold with just over four acres of mixed woodland,the remainder  being owned by a large company who merely maintained it as required and cut the timber only infrequently.

     Our footsteps crunched on the frosted gravel drive that curved in a gentle arc from the gates towards the front of the house.The building itself managed to be at the same time both imposing and unprepossessing although I did however see the potential that it held for the purpose which I intended.Alan explained that it's current condition was the result of having been occupied  by the original owner's grandson,a bachelor who had lived there alone for over thirty years,evidently without any maintenance whatsoever."I will be quite straighforward with you,it isn't in the best condition,but I think that any kind of realistic offer would be looked on favourably"Although I appreciated his candour I did wonder whether this strategy was the  way to achieve the best price for his client.

      The front door had once been painted black.Now only flakes of paint remained clinging to the bare and rotting wood.As we stepped inside the hallway,it seemed even colder  than it was outside if that were possible.The house had been built of stone which was quite unusual for this part of the country.I guessed that it must have been transported some distance for the purpose.The accommodation extended to four different floors and Alan asked if I had any preference as to which order we viewed them in,I suggested that we began at the bottom and worked our way up.We descended a curved flight of stone steps that led  down into the cellar.This consisted of two good sized rectangular rooms with stone flagged floors each about sixteen feet by fourteen connected  by a short corridor.The electricity had been turned off and Alan  lit a pair of candles that stood in a holder near the top of the steps.Their flickering light cast our shadows in huge,grotesque shapes as we moved around the cellar.Both rooms were empty apart from a couple of  wine racks that held a few elderly dust covered bottles and a large number of spiders.The filigree strands of  the webs brushed across our faces as we walked,adding to the  atmosphere of  sheer dereliction that pervaded the place.

      The ceilings of both cellar rooms comprised of heavy oak beams that ran across in single spans from wall to wall.It was a good,sturdy construction that had suffered little from the passage of time and would no doubt last for many years to come.After a brief inspection we climbed back up the steps to the ground floor.A stone floored entrance hall looked out towards the front of the house.Off this hall was a large dark oak panelled sitting room with a fireplace big enough to walk in,the ceiling  stained black from a century of woodsmoke.Just down  the corridor past the cellar door we found an old fashioned kitchen with a massive black iron range that looked as if it weighed the best part of a ton.I knew enough about buildings to be able to tell that the structure of the house was basically sound and,if the offer I intended to make was accepted,there would be plenty of leeway to account for any modernisation that was  required.From the hall an impressively  balustraded staircase led up to the first floor where there were three bedrooms off a central landing and an antiquated bathroom that contained a heavily rustmarked white enamelled rolltop bath.I made a decision and turned to Alan,saying in as cool a manner as I could muster that implied  that it was take it or leave it "I will pay two hundred thousand for it".The asking price had been ninety five thousand more than that and I wondered whether he would consider the offer derisory but he merely said "I will have to make a phone call" and walked back to his car.He returned about ten minutes later and said "The vendor will be happy to accept your offer" When an offer is accepted so readily it makes you think that it might have been bought for less,I realised however that at the price I had paid such a thought was a churlish one.

     It was my intention to bring in builders to do the necessary updating work as soon as the legalities had been completed and on the last day of March I paid the balance of the purchase price to the solicitor and Dallingford House became mine.I immediately made contact with the building company who had done work for me before and who I knew to be reliable and they agreed to provide me with estimates for the work.Just after Easter  I received the quotes and,after one or two minor queries I agreed for the work to be carried out at once and wasted no time in signing the contract. The modernisation extended to the entire ground and first floors and  the work would take about ten weeks.

     When I went back at the end of June I was very pleased with  the transformation that had been achieved.Dallingford House looked an entirely different property from the one I had viewed just over four months previously and the modernisation had gone a long way towards changing the complete feel of the place.The cost had eaten up most of what I had knocked off the asking price but everywhere was looking fresh and habitable,the original parquet floors had been sanded and varnished,a new kitchen had been fitted incorporating the original solid fueled range,the first floor bedrooms looked bright and luxurious with the third one converted into an en suite for the master bedroom that looked out to the front from a freshly painted steel railed balcony.What I liked was that the house maintained some of it's original atmosphere but was now a totally practical asplace to live. 

     After the builders had left I began a search for a firm to handle the conversion of the cellars.A call to Gavin Thomas came up with a company that specialised in the fitting out of authentic dungeons.I arranged  a meeting in a restaurant in Covent Garden with the owner Jonathan Howard who described the specialist equipment that they designed,manufactured and fitted.We agreed a plan for the two cellar rooms to be converted into a combined cell and dungeon complex.The alterations involved the removal of the central wall that divided the two rooms,fitting a beam overhead and placing a pair of steel barred holding cages in the space created.I especially liked this feature that put the occupants of the cages effectively on display in the centre of the room.It was a feature that was both erotic for me and humiliating for the slaves,something that I liked very much indeed.The area immediately at the base of the steps would become a comfortable and luxuirious sitting room  while the area beyond the holding cages would be fitted out with every conceivable device for me to have fun with the slaves that occupied them.The contrast between sumptuous decadence and the harshness of the torture chamber beyond the cages was extreme and meant to emphasise the difference between Master and slave.I signed the contract for the work and it was scheduled to be carried out throughout August.

                            Chapter  Three - Recruitment

     For several years prior to putting my plan into action I had followed with a growing interest the many advertisements on the internet from men who professed to desire nothing more than to spend their lives under the authority and domination of others.It was an aspect of human sexuality that had always fascinated me.Some of these advertisers went much further and appeared to desire not only to live under the authority of a Master but to accept varying degrees of humiliation and physical punishment as part of the process.I had really no idea however as to whether these were serious intentions being expressed or just the  fantasies of those who were,perhaps that way inclined,but were living their dreams out vicariously.What I did know was that an arrangement such as this appealed to me greatly. Quite apart from the domestic advantages of owning a slave the psychological and sexual kick that it would deliver would,I felt be massive.Thinking about it never failed to give me a substantial and enduring erection as I contemplated being in that position of power over another man.

    My best guess was however that the majority were in fact fantasists but that there might be a small minority who were actually prepared to carry these idle erotic daydreams through to reality.I had set up Dallingford House as a base for play that might extend to overnight or weekend sessions but the prospect of a 24/7 slave was a tempting one.I therefore decided to set about to discover the actuality regarding those behind these internet sites  and to this end I placed an advertisement of my own.I had come to realise that what these men were expressing was in effect the mirror image of my own sexual fantasy of domination.

    I had for many years played the part of a  Master in clubs and at parties and the men who had taken the submissive role had almost all been complimentary about my ability in this role.It was now my intention to find out if it was practicable to effectively own and control another human being,or whether this was a step too far and one that was destined to remain a fantasy.If it worked however this would in my view be the hottest sexual experience that it would be possible to imagine.Quite apart from the fact that slavery was a declared taboo the kick I received from being in control of another man was somewhat akin to a powerful drug.

  There is of course no way that these esoteric tastes can be explained to those who do not share them any more than it is possible to explain the attraction of train spotting or flower arrangement to those who are not driven in that direction.They merely fail to see why having power over others should have such an enduring pull,or why it should be translated into sexually excitement,however for the afficionados of this particular lifestyle there can be nothing that even comes close to the thrill that their respective position in such a relationship can impart.

   Ever since my childhood,even before I had known about the existence of the sexual element that was attached to it I had enjoyed games that had involved the power exchange of tieing up others. Often these games would be long,drawn out and sophisticated and would involve elements of trial and punishments for the "victims".

     My intention now was that Dallingford House would serve as a base for the training and discipline of those who shared my enthusiasm for this somewhat unusual lifestyle.To this end I placed an advertisement on what I considered a suitable site.It read quite simply "Strict,leather clad and booted Master seeks 24/7 slave". The description was quite deliberately kept short and to the point.The last thing I wanted was to receive a deluge of E mails from fantasists who had no intention of carrying this through to real life.I illustrated the advertisement with a photograph of myself,from the waist down.It showed me in my new boots and leather breeches beneath which the outline of my cock showed tantalisingly in a state of semi erection.I considered that this was quite sufficient to show that I was well equipped in that department.A small bullwhip held coiled in my gloved right hand gave some indication of what type of employer I might turn out to be to those with the temerity to apply.I calculated that this would be enough to get the juices flowing of any suitably compliant submissive types who might view it.

     It was not too long before the replies began to come in.Each arriving E mail announced by the jaunty little tune of the computer.I read each message.Some were merely one liners, some badly spelt and instantly discarded. Others ran to several pages and set out in detail the writer's own fantasies and aspirations.I had set a time limit of two weeks before closing for applications and,at the end of the allotted time I had received some forty five responses.I immediately sifted out thity two of these for various reasons and sent an E mail offering interviews to the remaing thirteen.I decided not to interview at Dallingford House for the reason of keeping secret exactly where I was and the exact nature of
what would be going on there .    
       I chose to set the meetings in London. I contacted each of the thirteen potential slaves and gave the number of a mobile phone that I had bought expressly for the purpose.By conducting preliminary interviews by phone I was then able to narrow down the potential candidates to four,and I offered all of these face to face meeting in London over the following week,three of the four accepted.

     So it was that just before nine on a bright and sunny morning in mid september I got into my silver Mercedes E class  Estate and headed for the capital.The trees were just beginning to take on the first subtle shades of autumn greens giving way to shades of brown and amber.I had dressed exactly as I had appeared in the photograph that I had used for the internet advertisement.This somewhat unconventional style of dress certainly attracted attention,as I noticed when I stopped to refuel the car at a service area on the M11,but I felt it important that my meeting with a potential slave created the right aura and I intended to begin as I meant to go on.I had prepared two copies of a document that laid down the  conditions of service should any of the three candidates be suitable and prepared to accept my offer of ownership.The terms were in fact quite strict and effectively amounted to anyone acepting them handing themselves to me as a piece of owned property and with no rights whatsover in regard  to how I chose to treat them.I realised that such a document had no validity in a legal sense but of course once they were in my ownership their position would actually be extremely weak should they change their mind.I fully intended that they be kept under lock and key and the psychological effect that the threats of punishments would have upon them would be considerable.It was my idea that I would achieve total compliance by whatever methods were necessary.I knew that if they truly shared my fantasies they would find this situation erotic in the extreme.

    I had set the meetings up in a cafe in Whitechapel.I had got to know the area quite well during my time working in London and I knew the owner was involved in  the fetish scene himself.I parked in a secure car park and made my way to the cafe.I had spaced the interviews at hourly intervals,having calculated that each would have adequate time to discuss the necessary details and for me to evaluate their characters.I found a table in a discreet alcove and awaited midday,the time of the first interview.At the appointed time a tall,slim man about thirty entered the cafe.He spotted me right away and came over.My initial feelings about Paul were not favourable.I got the impression that he would not actually carry this through and I rather skimped the interview in about fifteen minutes before telling him that I would let him know.I think he knew that this was "Don't call me I'll call you" and he seemed unconcerned about that.I began to wonder to myself if I had actually got it wrong and that finding a 24/7 slave was an impossibilty.

    I awaited one o clock when Steve arrived.He was rather older,about forty and about five feet ten with short,greying hair and a nicely proportioned body.It had been my intention to set the minimum age at forty and  we immediately got on quite well.His questions to me were intelligent and focussed and covered the practical aspects of his service and my confidence in finding the slave I desired began to grow.By the time we got to forty minutes  I had pretty much decided that Steve would adequately fit the bill and that I would offer him the position,but I decided that I would have to interview the third applicant and I asked Steve if he would mind waiting around  until three o clock while I conducted the final meeting.It came as no surprise when he readily agreed.

     At two o clock Tony came in.He was smaller,about five feet eight and about fifty.I immediately weighed up his neat,powerful little body,it was my preferred type and talking to him set my cock twitching inside my leathers.People talk about chemistry,and it was instantly apparent that we both had it for each other.He told me that he was a biker,partly because of the leathers that he loved to wear,partly for the thrill that controlling a powerful machine gave him.We covered a lot of ground and before I realised it was five to three.I put my cards on the table and told him that I had been keen on the previous applicant also."Well ,why not have two slaves?" he said. I smiled.It wasn't something that I had really considered but it was difficult to see any real downside to it.It was at this moment that I saw Steve come back into the cafe,I called him over.I put it to him that Tony was an equally attractive candidate and that I was considering offering a position to them both."That's fine with me" he said.

                Chapter Four  - Training My Slaves

    It had been agreed that their contracts would begin on the first day of October.There remained about two and a half weeks to make any necessary arrangements.It was my intention that things would be kept on an informal footing until the details had all been agreed and the formal documents of ownership  that assigned me full and complete rights of ownership were signed.I had insisted that any assets they possessed at this point would be transferred into a trust where they would accrue interest and could then be accessed should  our arrangement come to an end.I had no intention or desire to profit financially from this.It was made quite clear however that a cessation could only happen with the agreement of both parties and so they effectively became my owned property.Both of them had many personal arrangements to make regarding their old lives which were to be left totally behind.

    I didn't enquire as to the details of their private lives beyond asking them if they were completely sure that this was what they wanted,both had agreed that it was.I left them each with a copy of the slave agreement.This set out certain requirements that I had of them and outlined their position.In short they  were to be "chattels".Roughly equivalent to domestic animals or other possessions.It was a status that was quite deliberately chosen to provide maximium  humiliation to them as slaves and maximum eroticism to me as their owner.The contracts had made it quite clear that their rights within the relationship were to be nil.They were to be kept in conditions considered by me to be adequate for their health and welfare but I made it crystal clear that I would be a tough Master and that my sexual enjoyment of them  was predicated largely on the imposition of various punishments and that this might turn out to be a be very tough lifestyle indeed.Despite me being very forthright in this respect neither of them appeared to waver in their desires to become slaves.

     Saturday October 1st broke grey and drab.A strong north easterly wind was blowing banks of low grey cloud that threatened rain at any time as I drove to meet them  at Liverpool Street station.I had permitted them to bring a single suitcase with whatever personal effects they wished to keep.I didn't envisage them needing any clothing as the uniform of a slave would be very sparse indeed.When I arrived at four pm as had been agreed they sat together having a cup of coffee.From the station we made our way the short distance to the Expectations shop where I had arranged to have them equipped.The guys at the shop had reacted with enthusiasm when I told them of my plan,and I had even been able to negotiate a discount on the equipment that I needed for my slaves.When we arrived in the basement shop I had directed them into separate cubicles and the staff had efficiently kitted them both out with the essentials.Each slave was to have a heavy posture collar,a normal slave collar,a leather head harness,a total enclosure leather sensory deprivation hood,a lockable chastity harness,a leather G string style pouch and a pair of black laced ankle boots.This was their basic uniform.

We left the shop just before six and I led them back to the car park."Ok you two,strip" They looked at me,both somewhat shocked.Then they realised that I was serious as the first reality sank in that they were about to lose their freedom and become slaves.They began to undress and I buckled the posture collar around each of their necks and strapped their wrists behind them with leather cuffs.I blipped open the tailgate and ordered them to climb in.Two steel ring points had been welded to the front of the load area through the carpet and I fitted the D rings of their collars to them with spring clips.They knelt side by side with their faces to the floor and I covered them with a throw for the long drive to Dallingford House. I heard the occasional whimper from the back of the car as one or other of the restrained slaves experienced enough discomfort from his confined position to cause him to cry out but apart from that my drive was enjoyable and relaxing.From time to time my thoughts drifted to the fun that lay ahead and my erection oozed pre cum,dampening the leather of the casual jeans I had worn,the breeches being reserved for later when I intended to play properly with my new toys.

     Dallingford House looked welcoming as I pulled up outside in the early evening darkness.During the day the wind had dropped and the air now felt much milder.I unclipped the slaves from the car floor and fixed a leather leash to each of their collars,ordering them to get down on all fours."You will remain like that at all times when you are in my presence" I intoned in a stern voice,intending to make it clear to them that I was their Master and that they would obey any order I issued immediately.I led them towards the house,the gravel evidently making their movement extremely uncomfortable as they crawled behind me.Once in the hall I positioned them a few feet apart."You can forget your old lives,and also your names". I pointed to Steve "you will be slave a" then turned to Tony "And you will be slave b".I  suppressed a smile "All lower case of course".I picked up the leashes and led them towards the cellar door.They both followed me down the steps into the cellar and I sensed their almost tangible feelings of fear and excitement grow as they saw the dungeon for the first time.Jonathan had done a brilliant job of fitting out the two spacious rooms and the removal of the dividing wall and the installation of the two steel barred holding cells formed a wonderful focal point to the entire place.Beyond the cells they could see the wall racks that held the implements of punishment,whips,crops and canes that would be used on their bodies without compunction as soon as the situation arose that called for such action.

     "You can begin by preparing each other " I said "I want you both shaved completely,you have an hour to get the job done,and then I shall inspect you both and fit your equipment". I removed their wrist cuffs and pointed to the dresser that had razors and clippers for the purpose and then left the cellar.

     Once upstairs I set about the important task of creating the image of the Master that I desired.It was quite important to me that my arrival back in the dungeon had the necessary impact on my charges.First of all I showered,stepping naked from beneath the streams of hot water into a pristine white bath towel. The leather breeches were already laid out on my bed and my gleaming black high laced boots stood beside it.I dressed carefully feeling the delightfully restricting leather close about my hips as I laced the breeches and tightened the three belt buckles in turn.I slipped my feet into the boots and started to wrap the laces around the silver steel hooks,feeling the boots gradually moulding themselves to the shape of my calfs.Eventually, having satisfied myself that the fit was perfect,I tied the remaining lengths of  laces in bows just below the knees.For the first session I decided that the full leather outfit was required and I selected a close fitting collarless black jacket with  full length sleeves,finally pulling on the tight leather gloves to finish off the ensemble.I briefly admired myself in the full length mirror.The outline of my cock shaft was quite clearly visible beneath the tight crotch of the breeches.I picked up the black leather riding crop and made my way back downstairs.

    Performers will attest to the importance of making the correct entrance.As I opened the door to the dungeon and my boots crunched on the stone steps descending to the room below I was well aware of the nervousness my two slaves would be feeling.The sound of my heavy boots reverberated slightly  about the bare brick walls as I reached the bottom of the steps.Both slaves were on all fours in the main dungeon area beyond the steel holding cages.I could see that their heads were low so that their faces touched the cold stone floor.I was pleased that they had  realised that this was the correct position to adopt on arrival of The Master. I approached them slowly so that each step as I drew ever closer heightened their feeling of awe.I stood over them,running the tip of my riding crop along the ridge of each of their spines.I reached down and caressed with my leather gloved hands  first one,then the other.My gloves glided smoothly over their shoulders and across their backs.b was  more tanned than a,and I guessed from the well defined lines of  his tan that he had spent much of the summer  outside and wearing shorts."Stand up" I said eventually,my cock now rock hard as I savoured the prospect of owning these two,and the degree of sexual satisfaction that this  would  be certain to entail.
    As they stood face to face,their eyes downcast towards the floor in a show of respect for their Master,I examined them carefully.I noted with satisfaction the way that they had carefully shaved each other's bodies,their chests were beautifully smooth,neither had the merest trace of hair around the genitals.I ordered them to spread their legs and bend forward,searching the areas around the anus,again both had been shaved perfectly.Satisfied that they were suitably prepared I fetched the chastity restraints I had bought for them.These were state of the art leather and stainless steel devices that locked around their genitals and  fitted around the waist with heavy leather harnesses.A steel lock fixed about their testicles with the penis shaft enclosed inside a clear plastic tube.They would be able to urinate but a full erection or an orgasm would be totally impossible to achieve unless they were unlocked.
   I quickly had them fitted  to both my slaves and,slipping the keys to their locks into the pocket of my breeches I now stood back and admired the superb appearance of them permanently locked into the chastity belts before casually informing them."You may earn the right to orgasm from time to time  but that will be solely at your Master's discretion". We had not discussed this aspect of their service and I had no idea if they had thought that they would be able to orgasm as and when they chose but I considered it to be an essential part of my ownership that such matters were taken out of their hands,as it were.In fact at this stage I didn't really care very much if they hadn't expected this to be part of the deal,they had both had ample opportunity to ask and now it was too late for them to change their minds.
   I stroked each of their chests,observing the effect this had on their cocks,both of them were stiffening up at my touch inside the confining tube that held them and I knew how their frustrations would build as time progressed.I teased them both,standing between them with a gloved hand laid lightly on the stomach of each.Their cocks both attempted to grow some more,seeking to achieve good,solid erections now as I stroked them.They were sighing audibly with pleasure,but it was a pleasure that was to be ultimately denied them.I turned away and fetched the posture collars.
    The standard leather slave collar which they had worn during the journey was some four centimetres wide and fitted with side and front D rings.I had each one personalised by the fitting of a silver "a" to one and "b" to the other.These others were  much heftier,twice the width of the standard one and made of heavy grade saddle leather.The upper edge of these collars were curved up beneath the chin so as to maintain the wearer in a distinctly head-up position that was quite deliberately designed to become uncomfortable after any length of time. I considered however that as the posture collars were intended for wearing while the slave was under a punishment regime the mere discomfort of a collar would be the least of their worries.I explained this to them and  they remained wearing their standard slave collars for the time being.
  I gave them their boots and they proceeded to put them on.These laced to just above the ankles and would be needed for the outside work that I had planned for them,but looked equally attractive when worn in the dungeon.I now began the tour of the dungeon that was to be their home.I opened the steel barred doors of the central cages,each one measured six feet by four but a much smaller cage stood over by the wall."Normally you will sleep in the larger cage,however if you fail to come up to standard the punishment cage is here to provide punishment and discipline". I looked at a and said "Get inside" He crawled inside and I demonstrated how  a slave who displeased me would suffer a specified punishment period.I fitted the wrist cuffs and then clipped them to the cage roof.This held him in a distinctly uncomfortable position,one that would quickly become agonising should he be confined in that manner for any length of time.I allowed him to come out and we moved to the far end of the dungeon.An electrically operated hoist had been fitted to the end ceiling beam and I had also had two vertical timber pillars that ran from floor to ceiling,each set with iron tether rings at the base and near the top so that a slave could be spreadeagled between them.A large antique oak dresser stood up against the wall,it's drawers filled with various pieces of equipment including my favourite electro torture kit which had various attachments from simple genital harnesses to steel butt plugs and uretheal sounds that I eagerly looked forward to using on them,the very thought of it restoring my erection.I continued the tour by pointing out the whips,crops and canes which all hung on a rack beside the dresser.There were long braided bullwhips,a heavy antique swedish cavalry whip as well as lighter whips and floggers.A Dragon cane and a Malaysian rattan. I took a pair of leather cuffs and buckled them around a's wrists before placing him between the two pillars and clipping his cuffs to the highest pair of iron rings.I then ordered b to cuff his ankles and to fix them to the lower rings so that his legs were spread wide apart. I then handed him the posture collar, head harness and gag and watched with growing satisfaction as his fellow slave became increasingly helpless in his bondage.When he had finished I buckled wrist cuffs onto b and clipped them to a short steel bar,which I in turn fixed to the hook of the hoist attached to the overhead beam.I picked up the control and pressed the red plastic button.The electric motor whirred and b's wrists were effortlessly raised high above his head.His feet scrabbled for grip and I raised him until he was forced to stand on the tips of his toes before slipping each ankle into a steel spreader bar.I fetched the other posture collar and fitted it to him before taking the head harness and buckled it into place  before forcing the gag bit between his teeth,The dungeon now went silent apart from the strangled low moan of the two slaves,their feeble protests now locked firmly in their throats.
    I looked at my two slaves,both their bodies fully exposed and ready to take whatever treatment I now saw fit to hand out to them.My sexual arousal had been growing inexorably and now as I took in the vulnerability of the pair of them my rampant cock strained against the tight confinement of the black leather of my breeches.The manner of their bondage,combined with the fact that both wore extremely effective leather hoods with built in gags now presented both men as little more than toys to be used for my amusement.It hardly mattered what I chose to do with them in this position,they were completely unable to either resist or protest in any way whatsoever.I stopped to take a brief video of them,one spreadeagled the other semi suspended on tip toes,it would make a great intro to my website that I had planned.This allowed them a brief respite before I turned my attentions to the real object of the exercise,which was to push their physical and psychological limits to the very boundaries,to see just how much they would be able to take before their spirits were completely broken and I turned them into mere ciphers,equal to the dust that I tread beneath my boots.
   I moved towards b and casually pinched the flesh around his right nipple between my fingers,twisting firmly.His body strained against the restraints as his futile attempts to void the pain drew stifled groans from beneath the leather hood.His mouth fought to expel the heavy leather gag that prevented him from crying out,not that this was likely to do him any good as I was set upon the course of torturing these two throughout what would turn out to be a very hard,long night.
  Aware of the state of my very well developed erection I briefly ran my leather gloved fingers across my straining crotch.The surface of the leather was beginning to develop a damp spot as the juice soaked through the material and my thick shaft pushed against the tight confines of my gleaming black breeches.I picked up the heavy tailed flogger and carefully weighed it in my hand,feeling the satisfying heaviness of the weapon.b's chest was exposed and invitingly smooth.
  The first stroke landed with a resounding thwack,the tails spreading out around his left nipple as the impact caused his restrained body to jerk against his tight bondage.The heavy leather cuffs rattled briefly against the steel spreader bars that stretched his limbs out as he stood on tip toe but apart from this there was no movement whatsoever.His head shook from side to side as he tried to let out a squeal 0f pain which the leather gag strangled in his throat and coincided with my landing the second stroke slightly lower,across the top of his rib cage. The thrill of the whipping translated into another kick of excitement at my crotch and I settled into the rhythm of the flogging,each stroke gaining in it's momentum as I concentrated on his upper stomach and chest which soon began to turn a fiery red with darker points spread across that showed the impact spots of the individual leather tips.
   I knew from my past experience that a good whipping could take me to a higher mental level as it progressed and I entered a kind of trance like state brought on by the regular crack of the flogger as the heavy tails did their work on his bound body.